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Reservations In Higher Education

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Reservations- it's a word that reminds me of the Indian railway reservations, Indian hotel reservations. But, how can I forget in a country like India, we also have reservations in higher education.

Your guess is right its about 'Reservation in higher education'.

In the coming few Para I will be touching various areas of reservations, showcasing it from your viewpoint as well as my viewpoint.

Why not start with the most debatable issue- Reservations on the basis of caste.

It reminds me of the protest that took place before few months

Many of us were a part of that protest. Right?

Few said it's just a political move, so as to fill politicians vote banks. Few even said we don't believe in discriminations, so we don't want reservations.

We had our own reasons to join it.

Up to some extent I too agree with this. Nobody at the admission window asks u as to which caste you belong to?

Also, on the other hand, the person getting admission on such seat has a feeling of inferiority as his/her colleagues believe that he got admission just because he falls under reserved category and not because he is deserving or talented.

A person having 68% is getting admission while a person with 86% is not getting admission. Is that fair?

It's obviously not fair, even in the eyes of a blind man. I don't understand when politician will see this truth.

Also, because of this reason there are many deserving talented candidates who don't get admission here, so they prefer to move abroad for further studies and thus it's causing brain drain



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