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Remember The Titans

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"Remember the Titans"

In the movie "Remember the Titans" the African American students in TC Williams High School did not expect to be treated as they were. Even though some white students treated them with indifference, other discriminated against them and treated them coldly. As with Coach Herman Boone, the town was not in rejoice for his appearance in their community and take over their previous coach's job. Since the high school was newly integrated, people were not used to having African Americans in their presence of everyday life. As a result to change, many people reacted in a way that caused discrimination towards that factor that has changed their way of life.

The African American students did not have in mind facing the adversities of discrimination as much as they did. Some of the white students caused fights and misinterpreted the means of the African Americans. However, after much time is spent trying to become friends, the students soon were able to cooperate with each other and understand themselves better. While this all happened in their camp, when they arrived at school, they soon needed to find a way to cooperate with all the other white students in the school. Not everyone treated them with the indifference as their team members. They were even thrown out of a restaurant with a white team member because they were not going to be served due to their race. The students were startled at the reaction of the whites treatment towards them.

Not only were the African American students discriminated against but so was Coach Herman Boone. When he was given the job as head coach, the community was upset. They did not welcome him and his family with kindness, as new neighbors should. Instead, his house was thrown rocks and people treated him racist remarks. Everyone was so upset that even the white team members were deciding not to play for the new coach. He did not



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