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Religion And Its Governance In A Country

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Religion has no role in the governance of a country. As discussed in the case studies given, the opposing views about the tolerance of religion and its impact on the secular state provides insight into diverging view points on religious conflicts. Government could do well without religion tied to it. There are many examples of conflicting situations between these two. Tolerance between religion and the government is sometimes at opposition although the ultimate goals can be the same.

Religious conflict between nations about toleration couldn’t be better explained than through the story about Turkey. In the real world, tolerance with religion is taught accordingly through all religions, on different extremes. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all on the same boat and conflict with each other as much as they tolerate. In western culture tolerance is taught well in each of the religions we recognize to express, and is the same all around the world and could be seen as a universal ideology.

Some may ask, “Is religious tolerance a universal idea or a virtue?” In western culture most people see this question too complex to answer because of the conflicts they witness day to day as a result of religion. The answer could be best answered by taking a look at the country of Turkey. A country once divided and as the middle ground for wars, sometimes as a target, but still keeping peace while housing 3 huge religions in one great country. The best view of religious tolerance is Turkey, having a totally different view on how the world should be run; Turkey should be used as an example for many modern nations. In the past, tolerance wasn’t even recognized and intolerance was never a cause for conflict, tolerance between religions however is viewed to be a newer virtue, developing into an international, universal idea that needs to be understood. The world today is still experiencing problems between religion and its role on government, and possibly will be for a very long time, but slowly more people are starting to change to realize and come to a common understanding that in order for peace, religion must be an option, and no plausible bias should be used.

On the other hand, the United States is the complete opposite when it comes to religious



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