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Reformation Spreads

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The Reformation Spreads

The Church of England, though affiliated Catholicism separated from Rome in 1534 during the reign of Henry VIII and it is ruled by the English monarch. The Church’s seat of power is at Canterbury Cathedral and its spiritual leader is the Archbishop of Canterbury. Henry VIII was responsible for the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church in 1534. It bases its authority on and unbroken line of apostolic succession going back to Saint Peter. The Church of England emphasizes the teachings of the Church Fathers. He wanted pope Clement VII to grant him and annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, She had suffered several miscarriages and Henry VIII wanted a son to carry on the House of Tudor. He wanted to marry Anne Boleyn. At the time, Clement VII was a captive of Emperor Charles V, her nephew. Clement felt obligated to refuse the annulment.

Thomas Cranmer was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Church of England. Pope Clement VII excommunicated henry VIII in 1533 and nullified the marriage between henry and Anne Boleyn. Queen Mary I succeeded Edward VI, the son of Henry VIII and Mary I was a Roman Catholic. She wanted to end the Protestant movement in England. She married Philip II of Spain, son of Charles V. They became co-rulers of England and Spain. The Marvin persecutions refers to the arrest and execution of Protestant reformers during the reign of Mary I of England. At least 284 people were executed for their religious beliefs. Queen Mary became known as Bloody Mary for the severity of the Persecutions. The Elizabethan Era is considered to be the Golden Age of English history and it is named after the reign of Queen Elizabeth. This period of times is noted for the works of William Shakespeare, the Protestant Reformation and English exploration overseas.

Puritanism was a movement that fought for greater reforms in the



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