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Reflective Journal

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Classroom Management by Gene Van Tassell

The article directs the reader to the theories currently being applied in classroom management. It deliberates the concept of control and how teachers perceive it as the goal of the class room discipline. Most administrators measure the success of a teacher by the control he/she has over his students. The article also introduces some of the past and current theories of class room discipline methods. These theories examine ways the teacher can be effective in the management and leadership of children in classrooms.

As a student I always admired teachers that effectively managed their classroom each period of the day. As I reflect back and ask myself, exactly what was it about their managing of the class that I am drawn to? Several thoughts come to mind. There expectations of us were high and plainly explained from start. If a student decided to test the rules then you had a pretty good idea of the consequences. As a teacher candidate, I believe it is important to give students the self-determination they need in order to mature and learn, but at the same time control can be applied in a manner that will yield a balance between effective management and leadership. In addition, parents play the biggest role in contesting behavioral problems. Teachers and parents need to communicate and work together to overcome discipline obstacle of students.

I learned by reading this article that, we as the future educators need to adjust to continually changing world. The Reality Therapy method is one I would be interested in integrating it in my classroom. This method really develops the student as a whole individual. The student's implementation of a plan to correct their behavior will equip them with tools to aid in dealing with the obstacles the outside world will throw at them.

As a teacher candidate what



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