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Reflection of My Learning Journey

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Essay Preview: Reflection of My Learning Journey

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Reflection of my learning journey

XU Zheng 16250869

PRAD3046 Audience Measurement and Engagement

Instructor’s name: Prof Kara Chan

Before-after assessment

At the beginning of the project, I hope that I can do what I am responsible for. Even if I am not a CEO, I hope that I can put forward some key ideas and suggestions to take on more responsibilities. Now that the project is coming to an end, I think I can make myself satisfied with the expectations at the beginning. For example, everyone in our group has to write a Facebook post, and finally everyone picks the best solution together. I have been selected for the finalists twice. Less than expected, I was unable to participate in the interview because of the conflict of time, but then I was solely responsible for the video production part, and the efforts were also recognized by the team members. I am also very satisfied with the efforts I have made.

What I learn about the professional digital skills

Due to the inability to participate in the interview, I took on more video production tasks. However, since the videos are recorded in Cantonese, it was still a little bit inaccurate as the mainland students when I was watching at the videos. This is what I didn't think of at first. Thanks to the help from my teammates, we discussed the best part together, and also helped me with subtitles, which is convenient for me to clip the video. In this process, I thank to the team members for understanding that I was unable to participate in the interview because of the conflict of time. I am even more grateful to the team members for helping me when I needed help, which made our video successfully edited. I think cooperation can solve all problems.

The digital component in this project can give me a great help for future careers. The drafting section of Facebook post let me know how to write attractive posts on digital media and let me know that posting posts at night can effectively draw attention. At the same time, Google Analytics helped me understand the secret behind the data, which is my first approach with such detailed and high-quality statistics, which also makes me understand that consumer behavior is really important to the Advertising and PR industry. In terms of video production, this is my first time using Adobe Premiere for editing, I needed to start from scratch. Even though the process was a little bit hard, I ended up producing a video that would satisfy everyone. This is great for my own workout. Inserting subtitles also requires the cooperation of PS. Familiarity with these software is extremely important for future related work of Advertising. And for PR industry, we have to figure out what is in people’s mind, and then we can have the chance to handle those PR things. Google Analytics gives us a feedback about what people behave when they click on our website. It also gives us reminder of how to improve. If most of our users are from mobile device, then we have to improve our website or create a mobile version to be more user-friendly. This really matters when I will have the chance to work in a PR agency. I am also very happy that I have got a chance to learn it.



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