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Reading Materials & Books in Schools

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Reading materials are everywhere. In order to survive a day of life, one must be able to read and to understand. The society is evolving from utilization of printed materials to screens. Even though technology is rapidly developing and there came the presence of digital devices, reading is one of the habits people go for. Since that is the case, the researchers noticed if reading habits can be associated to the vocabulary of a certain person.

The research will be conducted at the vicinity of Sapang Palay National High School. It is one of the old public schools for secondary education that is located in City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. It offers both Junior and Senior High School. Within Senior High School, it offers Academic Track that has four different strands which are Accountancy Business and Management (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), General Academic Strand (GAS), Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Also, the other Tracks which are offered are the Arts and Design and Sports Track.

Students have different reading habits. Some spend more time in reading and the rest spend time with different activities because they came from different environments. Due to this, the pattern of reading habits differs from each other. While some are good, others tend to have poor reading habits (Bashir and Mattoo, 2012). The frequency of reading is associated to the level of vocabulary of a student. Vocabulary level is essential for a student's academic performance. It also supports a student on both learning how to read and reading in order to learn. Children who have learned to read at a younger age and engage in frequent reading will continue to add something to their vocabularies (Konza, 2011).

These days, students are fond of reading books, stories and articles. They are literate but some students are just reading it, and not understanding the context. The reading habit became an efficient and effective factor in molding the personality of individuals that help to develop their better thinking methods and creating new ides (Palani, 2012). Some students read more books in able for them to learn. They think that if they read more especially those English books, stories or article it will help them to be fluent in English language. As the technology emerges, students have their attentions diverted thus, the time they spend in reading decreases.

It is in the light that this research is conducted to determine the relation of the reading habits to the vocabulary among senior high school students it emphasizes the importance of frequent reading to the number of words a student can recognize in order to have a better reading, writing and verbal skills.

Scope and Limitations

       This study was conducted by the researchers during the first semester during the academic year 2018– 2019 to find out the relation of reading habits to the vocabulary of the Senior High School students of Sapang Palay National High School. This study includes the 26 sections of Senior High School, having 1,051 students as the population. The scope of this research is to determine how reading habits help the learning progress of the students when it comes to their vocabulary. Reading through digital devices or printed materials maybe considered but it is limited to stories and novels. The type of research used is quantitative research and experimentation will be used in obtaining the data.



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