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Rampart Movie Human Rights

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Essay Preview: Rampart Movie Human Rights

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Ashante Joseph

Professor Ronald Morris


Rampart Film Review

Rampart is a film starring Woody Harrelson as the main character. It is based on the Rampart Scandal in the 1990’s. LAPD Dave Brown is forced to deal with the consequences of his dealings in corruption. In Rampart there is brutality. In one of the beginning scenes Dave Brown roughs ups a suspect to get information about a meth lab. They used any means necessary to get information they needed.

One of the main themes of the movie is the actually Rampart Scandal itself. There were unprovoked shootings and beating. It was one of the most spread police misconduct. Even the fact that the name of the department Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums, shows what they thought about the people of the community. They referred to them as Hoodlums, which shows a lack of respect.

Brutality is a major part of the film. Brown also gets caught on camera beating a suspect, after said suspect tried to flee the scene of an accident. Brown used his powers a lot in the film. He was very knowledgeable of the law and used it line up his defense for the brutality.

Another theme is connection. Brown had a lot of connections to aide his corruption. He was tipped off to an illegal card game and used this as a way to get cash. Another instance of this is the concierge at the Hotel. He knew of the prostitution ring at the hotel, so he blackmailed the concierge to get him a room. He could’ve many of his connection for good instead he was selfish and continuously used it for his own self gain. This brings up the theme of murder. Brown ends up killing one of the men who took the money from the card game. He staged a crime scene to make it appear as if he was shot at.

Lastly, another theme throughout the movie in the injustices. This was based on true story. Things like this happened back then and still do today. The law hasn’t been on the side oppressed. The law and government continues to commit injustices by the people who lack the power to stop them. It continues to happen day in and day out.



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