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Rama Rama Review

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While the first half of the movie could hv bn paced better, it is indeed a very leisurely building up of the two characters that in the second half gives that effect to what turns out. One has no way to know that it is the hangman; when he realises the identity of this person and still doesn't reveal, u tend to think that it is the prize money. Still there is something mystifying about this man; there is more than meets the eye.

The young lovers are a delightful, heartwarming entrants to the grim and taut scenario. With a freshness of spirit, young innocence, bright hopeful love, spirited run, they bring a contrast to the escaping criminal with the noose hanging ominously in his mind, and the perplexing elder. Bitter, wry, tough, but not unyielding, the elder man oozes hidden memories and intentions.

How enticing the prize is! But how really human these humans are too!

In the second half the movie gets very engaging. How much diverse are the people who converge around the jeep! Small human fancies, weaknesses, societal rub offs on simple human souls. poignancy of a drunkard's longing for the green bottle ( in the end when the fellow doles out copious wishes to the couple, don't you realise this is actually what every pure soul would want to say if not wanting to play up to the society? People should get drunk with the goodness of life )

Wonderful performances, full-bodied characters, very apt lyrics and good music, strong story line, a road-journey so fascinatingly reflecting the life-journey, and barring some minor goofs like showing a grown up baby for a day-old etc, a very nice film.



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