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Radical Feminism Fundamentally Opposes Liberal Feminism - Discuss

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Essay Preview: Radical Feminism Fundamentally Opposes Liberal Feminism - Discuss

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‘Radical feminism fundamentally opposes liberal feminism.’ Discuss

Feminism is an ideology which aims to improving the equality and/or status of women, although, Radical feminism have sought to stress that there is little In common between both traditions of feminist analysis, from the liberal perspective, however, there has been a good deal of common ground which all feminist have shared, for example:

Both traditions believe that women are disadvantaged due to their biological differences and that the difference between men and women should not conclude that: women are born with a natural inferiority and that men are superior in any way. Furthermore, this hindrance can and should be over thrown.

Additionally, both agree in equality feminism due to the belief in Androgyny i.e. having both masculine and feminine characteristics, in which implies women and men are both sexless persons. As a result both tradition are committed to redeeming women, although in alternative ways, from patriarchy, rather than being committed to celebrating biological differences.

Yet, radical feminism, still critique the failings of liberal feminism, with concern to be fixed. There are still many clear differences between the two traditions, described below:

Patriarchy is extremely pervasive and it exists in all aspects of life, both private and public and thus Radical feminist declare that ‘the personal is the political’, as it underscores the connections between personal experience and experiences in larger social and political structure. Liberal feminist propose a reform of some aspects of society to achieve equality and emancipation for women. However, Radical feminist criticise liberal feminism reform of society with the assertion that it misdirects the energy of the women movement and fails to address the issue of patriarchy. Also, Radicals, say liberal feminism is flawed as it does not recognise that public inequality is merely a reflection of more significant gender oppression in the private sphere. Thus, radical feminist see that the solution of the problems face by women cannot be solved by reform, however, they must involve radical transformation, even revolutionary means to alter the domestic sphere. Firestone, the most modern radical feminist, sees the family unit, i.e. private sphere, in addition with biological difference having made women’s inferiority inevitable, she points out how women do not need men to reproduce,



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