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Racism in Eduation

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We would think that racism would have ended in the educational system, but it’s very much a problem. Racism has a big impact on our schools. As in the larger society, school racism comes in different varieties. Racists attitudes can be in the form of name-calling, verbal abuse, or bullying. Schools are ignoring incidents of racism, not recognizing organization groups of all race. Being bias of punishments towards certain cultures for violating rules. Whether it’s the student or the teacher racism in schools Is hurting everyone involved. It’s affecting student’s ability to learn, their self-confidence, and their behaviors. Students are finding it hard to socialize with their peers if they are of a different race. So instead of making new friends they tend to stay within their race. Now sociability is compromised, and there's no growth within the community. A lot of times racism in schools will cause people to dislike their race when teased and harassed. This could cause them to try and be part of the mainframe. Kids have been known to start behaving negatively due to racism. They then start being more aggressive and prejudice towards other races. Fights have been reported due to racism where they're fighting because of one's culture. School dropouts are quite common due to this students would be much happier at home then to face hatred daily. Students that seem to drop out, end up in a life of crime, because they lack education and can't get a job. Therefore something needs to be done. Teachers and other school staff may experience harassment as well, and it can come from students as well as other teachers. It can cause teachers to feel negativiley about teaching, or lose the ability to teach aproproptrietly. They hesitate to go to work or have an uneasy feeling about their job. Homeschooling has become more popular with the african american families, they make up ten percent of homeschooled children.



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