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Quality Case Analysis On Vogue Chinese Restaurant

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Progressive organizations utilize teamwork, empowerment, and shared responsibility to improve productivity, quality, and worker commitment. However, the company that seeks to be a successful model among the industry has sometimes faces the variety of problems during its evolution. In fact, an ongoing organization often meets some obstacles when it implements new collaborative structures and work processes. These challenges that the organization experiences often involve in the poor quality management; such as a purchased product that is damaged or broken, a food delivery service that is late or delivers the wrong order, or a wireless service that is lagged connecting or provides unstable signals. The poor quality management may cause the entity exacerbates employees’ productivity, loses clients, and competitive advantages in the marketplace.

The increasingly wealthy and sophisticated organization understands the tremendous impact on its product or service quality which defined by customer. In terms of total quality management (TQM), Dr. W. Edward Deming is a well-known representative in quality improvement. Dr. Deming’s philosophy is an extension of TQM (PDCA) which presents in his job position in Japan after World War II. The famous “Deming’s 14 points” has been well-used in every business for continuous quality assessment and improvement. In this quality case analysis, I will discuss that at what degree a Chinese food service provider either employee or not employee Deming’s fourteen points of quality management with specific focus on the problem that has plague this company in the current situation.


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