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Qualities Pf Leadership During Crisis Time

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Qualities of leadership during crisis time.

In modern organizations, the leader occupies the leading positions. Without a good leader, organizations will not be able to function effectively even if they employ highly qualified personnel. The leader creates a cohesive team of followers, unites specialists for more effective work. He acts as a "compass" - sets the direction of development of the organization. The leader inspires people to work with enthusiasm, demonstrates his vision of the future and helps to adapt to the new, pass the stage of change.

Crisis is exactly the moment when the leader begins to play the main role. No matter how ideal the crisis plan is, no matter how sophisticated the means of forecasting and modeling crises were available to the organization, during a crisis it is necessary to take complex management decisions, and in many ways it is from the actions of the leader that the outcome of the crisis depends.

What helps outstanding leaders in the crisis to be ahead of everyone else? The secret lies in a conscious practice. One can say that someone is given a talent from nature, high intellectual abilities, phenomenal memory. But as many years of research by the world's scientists have shown, for the most part the whole secret of the success of outstanding people lies precisely in conscious practice, and not in natural talent. This practice differs from the usual - it's not just doing the work. If you ask yourself "Why am I doing this task?" And the answer is "To solve it ...", then you are not engaged in conscious practice.

You practice in order to improve your skills in the field of solving the tasks. It's about skill and technology. Practice is a repetition, the fulfillment of a task for the purpose of enhancing mastery in one or more of its aspects, that is, repeating what has already been repeated, again and again until the desired level of mastery is achieved. You practice to learn the task, and not just to solve it. Only aware constant work on yourself can eventually give results, make from the ordinary person something more, reveal all his abilities.

As an example I of leadership during crisis, I want to give the way Lee Kuan Yew, who built Singapore and changed the country from poor to developed one in a very short time.           Purely devoid of natural resources, forced to import from abroad even tap water and sand to build its skyscrapers, not to mention oil and gas, metal and wood and everything else, Singapore is the only state in the world that, according to the former general Secretary of the UN Kofi Annan, managed to realize the dream of all developing countries - to make a breakthrough "from the third world to the first." The main rules that he followed to overcome crisis and started to develop are:



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