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Punishment For Childeren Is Ti Good Or Bad

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As children grow up, does punishment affect children in a better or a worse way?

Punishing children differs from country to country. Some parents choose to punish their children while the others take the term "punishment" as physical and mental abuse. According to the story "Golden Mountain" by Irene Kai, Margaret raised her children strictly as possible by punishing them with the green stick when they have done something wrong and sometimes her children were even beaten up for no reason. Also, by reading the chapters "Mother" and "Oi Ling," it seems that the children had to put up with a painful life that they had no freedom for themselves.

As the reader, it was painful to read how Oi Ling and her sisters got beat up, but it seems that after all the punishments that they got from their mother they turned out to be better as adults. At the end of Margaret's life, she was not alone as Wong Oi did; she had her daughters with her and did not felt alone when she died. As a child from a different country, I was punished by my parents as a child, but I did not had to go through a hard life as Oi Ling and her sisters did.

I believe parents should punish their children, but not as hard as Margaret did for her children. Parents should punish their children for a limit and should consider about their children's feelings as well. Comparing children who have been punished by their parents with children who weren't punished by their parents it shows that, children who are punished by their parents have more respect and care for their parents. Also, children will not only respect their parents, they would also respect every adult and also keep up the respect for their elders even after they become adults. By looking at our current society, most parent's end up in retirement homes because their children doesn't care for them or doesn't have respect



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