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Psychological Film Analysis on Fight Club

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Essay Preview: Psychological Film Analysis on Fight Club

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Psychological Film Analysis on Fight Club

Cameron Sifford

Rowan Cabarrus Community College

Dabir, F. (2014, June 30). The psychology of fight club. Retrieved from

Fight Club is a film that centers around a man who is depressed and down on his luck as he suffers from insomnia. He then meets a salesman that goes by the name of Tyler Durden who he then teams up with to form an underground fight club that helps him to relieve stress in the day resulting in him sleeping at night time.  This character actor Edward Norton portrays is an unnamed protagonist who is in the beginning of the movie referred to as the narrator.

Fight Club narrator’s illness is the manifestation of trite and tedious modern life. His angles of psychology are linked through two phases: Phase 1 is Insomnia and Phase 2 is Dissociative Identity Disorder. The first phase of the insomnia process is no sleep, no wakefulness, doctor won’t prescribe RX, he continues to feel sorry for himself, he victimizes himself, he meets a woman by the name of Marla, his rush is ruined, and then creates an imaginary friend called Tyler.

Fincher, D. (Director). (1999). Fight Club [Video file]. France: Twentieth-Century Fox.

For the narrator’s second phase in dissociative identity disorder, he gets a rush, joins project mayhem, has an experience with trial by fire, Tyler kidnaps Marla, begins to get jealous, he then sleeps with Marla, he shoots Tyler with a gun, he then is hailed as Tyler as Tyler disappears, and to conclude his disorder, he watches Credit Card buildings blow up with Marla.

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