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Proudly South African

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What does it mean to proudly South African? Is it the way you act or is it how our past has influenced you. Maybe it’s the present day South Africa that makes people Proudly South African. The truth is… that it is a lot of things that make people proud to be a part of South Africa.

The first aspect of being Proudly South African has to be the sport. We are well represented in so many disciplines of sport that it is very hard not to be proud of it. And there are many examples of it. Natalie du Toit, a Paralympic champion, has overcome so many things in her life to rock the sporting world. She’s an example of a courageous individual that is proud to be South African. Another example is our cricket and rugby teams. They play for their country and continue to fly our flag high by consistently being at the top of both sports.

The second aspect of being Proudly South African is our past (apartheid and our heritage). We have had a tough past in which colour was the main decider in your life decisions and the decisions made by the government. Even though people were treated so badly in the past they have forged many friendships that break the colour barrier. This is an example of our country’s true strength.

And the final aspect has to be our food. We love food and have created dishes uniquely South African none more so than a good old braai and biltong. We love our food and embrace all cultures foods.

So I think there are many things that make us Proudly South African. All of them are important and we need to embrace each one. And so I’m Proudly South African.



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