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Proud To Be American

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I am proud to be American, because I feel free to be me. I'm also proud, for the women rights to do anything that they want to do. Women have the rights to play sports just like men do, we all are equal. America is a great, wealthy and beautiful country that I would not give up for anything. America is a very safe country once you get use to it, that's another reason why i'm proud. I'm proud to be American, because we are a country of choice: we can choose our religion, culture, or even who we want to go out with. I know America wasn't all that good back in the day, but that's why we're here today to make it better than before. I'm also proud to be American, because other countries do not receive as much things as we do. Despite the crimes in our society today it just makes a reason for us to pull together and change. Yes, we were bombed by terrorists, however we maintained a united country and we fought for it. I'm proud to be American, because I can do what I want and be who I want to be. I know if I make it through school with all the hard working teachers willing to help, I would become a business lawyer. I know I can make a difference in the world. Its more kids like me in this country that's willing to change our society to make it a better place to be safe. Also, America is one of a kind, for we have age limits to the things we want to do. For example, when your 18 you can vote for president of the United States, which is your choice to pick the one that's going to make a change to our country in a special way. When your 21 you can start drinking, which I think is a bad thing, but its other choices. We have an American dream and everyone wishes to live it, so that's why everybody tries to live in America. Why am I proud to be American? Well I just told you why and I don't have any problems with saying it again. I love America! This is where I was born and it's definitely



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