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Protein Article Search Nutrition

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Protein Article Search

I reviewed “6 Biggest Nutritional Problems Solved” (2008) written by Chris Aceto and Eric Velazquez on the subject of amino acids and how they relate to athletics. The authors believe body builders commonly go overboard in their quest for muscular bodies and neglect key ingredients necessary for muscle production.

This relates to amino acids because the authors suggest that athletes frequently leave out fats and proteins made from amino acids. The authors state that using amino acids and vitamins can prevent muscle breakdown. “Five grams of the amino acid leucine taken before and after training can shut off muscle breakdown; 500- 1,000 mg of vitamin C and 400-80 mg of vitamin E act as a safety net, reducing free radical production that can cause muscular inflammation and slowed growth” (Aceto and Velazquez).

Trendy diets that suggest leaving out foods containing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are not good for athletes because these diets work negatively against reaching fitness goals. The body is constantly repairing itself and needs these nutrients to function properly. The authors suggest moderation and balance of daily intake. An eating plan including higher fatty fish with omega 3 fatty acids helps fight inflammation and boost the body’s ability to use fat (Aceto and Velazquez). One needs to increase not decrease protein to help reduce soreness and inflammation during times of strenuous workouts.

The authors also note that increased caloric count needs to happen when working out to build muscle but that needs to include specific nutritious food, not just any foods that contain calories. Acento and Velazquez point out the importance of frequent small meals, protein intake, and anticatabolic supplements because this allows maximum nutrient absorption and suppresses the hormone Cortisol that prevents



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