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Protection Bracelet for Kids

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          Protection Bracelets for Kids

Yousef Khalid

University of Dubai

BBUS 215 Fund. Of Management Information Systems

 Sec.No.01 Spring 16-17


The PBK mobile application’s vision seeks to provide the best and the safest product for children. The PBK tracker contains no chemical ingredients and is biodegradable, thus safe and harmless for both the child and the environment in case of disposal. The company’s vision is creating the most effective GPS tracking system specially designed to make it easy for parents to keep track of their children and to protect them from the slightest harm or to stop them from getting lost. There are 88,040 active missing people records according to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) missing persons file. 33,706 of those missing people are young adults under the age of eighteen.  The PBK bracelet is convenient for both the child and the family, as it is light around the kids wrist hence will not bother or cause itchiness. It is convenient for the parents, as they will know where their child is at during all times.

Mission and Goals

The objectives of the PBK are plenty, beginning with ensuring the safety of the children. The PBK is safe, as the parents will know where their kids are at all times. If a child did not take the bus and was taken by a stranger, the bracelet would show that the child took a different route hence calls for immediate action by parents. While mothers can be busy and fathers are often at work, having this bracelet on a child gives the parents a sense of safety and security in case they accidentally look the other way. Hence, the PBK provides less worry and anxiety for parents.

Children abductions increase more yearly, buying a PBK bracelet reduces the risk of children abduction. Although the bracelet wouldn’t directly prevent the abduction, parents will know when the child is off route and notify the authority. The authority already knowing where the child is, will take all measures and quick precautions before the child is hurt or far.

How it works

The parents are the only members able to access the bracelet. If the child is any danger, an alert will be sent directly to the parents via mail that the child has taken a different route. Also, there is a panic button on the bracelet if the child feels threatened by an unfamiliar face. Not to mention, specific tools can remove it and is waterproof so it cannot be damaged easily.

Thus, having all these characteristics, locating a lost child using a PBK could not get any simpler. Whether he’s at his neighbor’s house, in school, or far from home, the PBK has a wide connection range and is activated around the clock.

The PBK GPS watch is the only location device 100% custom-made for children. Complimented by a diversity of colorful designs, every component on board has been reduced to ensure an optimally comfortable fit and feel that kids simply love to wear.

The PBK Bracelet for kids is a simple design that can appeal kids, but its strong, water proof shell will also withstand even the heavyweight in playing. With a panic feature that can be easily triggered in an emergency, long battery life of up to 50 hours and automated low battery alerts to the parent’s phone, both you and your child will benefit from peace of mind and choice of play throughout the day.  The battery on a PBK wristband can last up to 50 hours, and is 100 percent waterproofs.  The GPS is encoded skillfully in the bracelet, in a manner that if removed by force triggers an alarm sending the parents their child’s location immediately.  



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