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October's Novel Report

Due October 31st, 2007

The book I read for October is:

Title Author Number of Pages

The Alchemyst Michael Scott 375

The setting of this novel is set in the United States of America. It takes place in San Francisco during Thursday, May 31. The main scenes in this book are set in a book store that this owned by Nick Fleming, later known as Nicholas Flamel. However, nearing the end, characters escape to Paris.

The theme in this book is choice. Many scenes in this book give both big and small responsible choices that need to be made. These choices in the book require critical thinking and were followed by a lot of hesitation from the characters. Also, the choices that were being made were very risky. The author, Michael Scott, seems to put in a situation where the characters do not know what choice to make, but if you do not make the right one, the consequences may be fatal.

The main form of conflict in this novel is man vs. man. After goddess Hekate awakes Sophie's powers, she attempts to do the same for Josh. This is interrupted when Dr. John Dee starts to move in with his forces. Nicholas Flamel has a battle with Dr. John Dee. Both Sophie and Josh Newman are also fighting back. Nicholas Flamel is holding back the forces of Dr. John Dee, however, since there is too many, they end up fleeing to Paris.

The protagonists in this story are Nicholas Flamel, Sophie Newman, and Sophie's brother, Josh. The antagonist in this story is Dr. John Dee. The major supporting characters are: Perry Fleming (later known as Perenelle Flamel), Scathach, Hekate, Dr. John Dee, Morrigan, and the Bastet.




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