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Professional Thank You Letter

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Dear Amber,

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your informational and thoughtful letter regarding my personal brand, a “creative professional organizer”. As you know, I have been tasked to write a response letter to evaluate your previous letter regarding your suggestions and how well you effectively communicated with me in that letter. Before I continue, I want to thank you for offering great advice and your kind goodwill statement to continue to build our connection with one another in the conclusion. In this response letter, I will be discussing my thoughts to your letter overall and suggestions including the actions I will take to achieve those tasks.

First, I think you did a great job by addressing your audience appropriately; when you mentioned that we are both students seeking for internship offers, I felt more comfortable listening to your advice because we are experiencing the same problems. In terms of the organization of your letter, based on our textbook, you should check the header spacing format again to make sure that you skip at least three lines after your own address or contact information. In addition, I would also suggest that you could switch the order of your paragraphs which follows the indirect format that was discussed in class. To be clear, you could discuss primarily positive things in your second body paragraph follow by a paragraph for suggestions and concerns; this way, your letter will flow much better and allow your audience to take consider of all your suggestions.

Second, I want to discuss about my thoughts about your kind suggestions and the steps I will take to accomplish those suggestions. After reading your suggestions, I really liked how you suggested that I could add more creative evidences specifically on my Facebook platform. I completely agree with you that when I brand myself as a creative person, I must showcase my creativity and that using a platform like Facebook



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