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A big part of college is athletics. For some schools its all about the team. Some even choose to attend a school based on their sport of choice. Many students would not even be in college were it not for athletic scholarships. But should colleges offer athletic schlarships? Looking from both view points there are many reasons why colleges should offer athletic scholarships such as diversifying the school and giving somone a chance who wouldnt normally have one. From the viewpoint that they shouldn\\\\\\\'t

many of these student athletes dont finish and they get special treatment which is\\\'nt fair to other students.

Everyone can\\\'t afford to pay to attend college. If a person is good enough in a sport to get a scholarship. To play that sport and they also get an education thats sort of like a two for one. Minorities make up a big part of many schools athletic teams. Most minorities live at a lower income level and cannot afford college. By them receiving

scholarships to play at different schools diversity is being bought to the school. Even if it is only on the football team where the diversity is in the whole school. Student athletes who are mostly on scholarship also make the school look good. If the team is good the school will be more desirable to incoming freshman and transfers who may play on that team.

Predominatly white schools, which is most schools get money for minorities attending their school. So although these schools offer big scholarships to student athletes. They get the money back and some extra. Because as stated earlier most of these athletes on scholarships are minority. That raises an issue of these students being exploited. Also some of these student athletes dont finish college. Some of them decide to go pro and leave college. Which is risking a lot

because a broken leg somewhere

down the line could be the end of that



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