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Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal

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Essay Preview: Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal

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Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal

Shirley Newton

CJS/231 Criminology

December 8, 2016

Judy Mazzuca



         I was hired by The State Department of Corrections and I am responsible for the State prison systems. The criminal justice policy committee of the State Legislature, has a bill working its way through it. I am going to try and show the pros and cons of this bill. I am going to show that our State is under Federal court order to reduce the number of inmates.

        The first thing that I what to do is to explain what armed robbery is. According to Uniform Crime Report (UCR). The definition of armed robbery is aggravated form of robbery in which the defendant is armed with a dangerous weapon. ( This also means the taking of property from an individual or in the presence of property from an individual or in the presence of another individual with the use of force or by threatening the use of force while armed with a dangerous weapon. ( Most forms of armed robbery in the old days was punishable by death. But the constitution of the United States no longer allows the death penalty of a armed robbery unless there has been a murder well the crime is in progress.

        This new bill that is sponsored by house Minority leader Gary Odom, D-Nashville is wanting people that are convicted of aggravated robbery using a weapon to serve at least 85% of their minimum sentence. The current sentence for the minimum is 30% percent. This bill was stalled when Rep. Matthew Hill-R-Jonesborough objected to changing the sentences for the non-violent crimes and tried to remove several from the bill. (

What happen with this is that Rep. Odom accused Rep. Hill or wanting to politician grand stand and charged that his amendment would kill the legislation because of its additional cost. (

Rep. Hill withdrew the amendment today. The bill remains in the senate. (

        In order to get what they wanted, Tennessee, police chief and District Attorney had to struggle for a dozen years and a little compromise they finally got what they wanted and that was more time for armed robbers behind bars. The bill that doubles the minimum time for those that have been convicted of aggravated robbery must serve before being eligible or parole is awaiting gov.  Phil Bredesen’s signature. It was state by Hamilton county District Attorney Bill Cox that law enforcement officials had pushed for this change for over more than a decade. What is unfortunate with this type of crime is that only does it pose to be one of the greatest danger to the public but sometimes it can become prevalent in times when there is a lot of economic stress.



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