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Printing Methods

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Printing Methods:

Wood Cut вЂ" Woodcut involved carving out pieces of wood and inking the areas that were not carved out and allowing a piece of paper to be placed on top and soak up the ink and display the imaged carved. This way really in my mind showed the most artistic way to print; just being able to carve the image you want out of wood must of required a serious talent.

Lithography вЂ" This method was very intriguing to me the way they would use the chemicals to attract the ink and then just place the paper on top and there you go, your image has been created.

Etching вЂ" This method would be a really interesting way to try hands on. The way you use the acid resistant ground and the just draw your image and use acid to dissolve the etching is ingenious.

Screen Print вЂ" The use of the stencil to just cut away your image and then have the ink basically go through the screen and through your image onto the piece of paper must have allowed for much more freedom in the drawing of the image.

I feel that the most intriguing method for printing would have to be the wood cut method, just that the talent that one must have would have to be very impressive to carve out the image that they desired. I have always had the up most respect and envy for the ability to be able to create amazing arts of work and out of wood makes it even more impressive in my eyes.

The Day the Universe Changed:

James Burke did an amazing job in showing us the history and the ramifications of what happened to the history of printing after Gutenberg’s invention. The intro of how we have so much trust in science was great. The talk of how a lot of the bible stories used to be all in picture form since so many were illiterate, and how the biblical writing used to be scribbles( I had a laugh at that one). How the religious scribes would copy all and even if there were mistake they would continue to copy since they believed that all the writing had some time of holy meaning really made me think.

The Black Death brought the end to some many people’s lives but it also allowed for the remaining population to create more wealth and start to expand their businesses bringing on the process of book keeping and creating bills. Along with this there were the start of indulgence writers and allow the church to bring in more wealth by making people feel they could pay for their sins, literally. But one person would create one amazing history changing invention.




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