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Essay Preview: Pretties

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The book I read was Pretties by: Scott Westerfeld. This book is the second book in a trilogy. The first book is Uglies. You will understand Pretties better if you read Uglies.

Pretties was about a girl named Tally who has finally turned pretty. At first she thought that was she wanted, until she rediscovered the truth of becoming pretty. In the first book Tally met David, whose parents knew that truth. And that truth was horrible. Becoming pretty had its disadvantages. When you got the operation to turn you pretty, the doctors gave you lesions in your brain, stopping you from remembering certain things from when you were an ugly. The specials especially wanted Tally to have the lesions because she knew the truth, which she wasn't supposed to know. She had also been to a secret place called the Smoke, which was destroyed in the first book. But, after Tally kisses a guy named Zane, she starts to remember. Zane had started remembering long before that and suspects that something is wrong with the pretties, but is not really sure. Since both of them were slowly remembering they decided to try and save themselves.

In the beginning of the book a friend from Tally's ugly days broke into New Pretty Town, and snuck into a party she was at. His name was Croy, and came to give Tally a note she had written to herself when she was an ugly. The letter was warning herself about the lesions, and telling her she was a "test subject" for a pill that could possibly cure the lesions. Tally also wrote to herself that she had agreed to this.

To get the pill Tally a d Zane went through a number of difficult "tests", as Tally called them. For example, to get the key they needed to get into the shed where the package was, they had to climb up a thirty story tower, which was on top of another really tall building. When she and Zane got to the package, they found the letter to herself, and the pill. But she discovered that there were two pills, not one. This confused her. Someone must have seen Tally and Zane because, the specials had arrived. Tally was hesitating to take the pills, but she couldn't let the specials see them, so she gave one to Zane and took one for herself.

Later in the book, Tally and her group the "Crims", left for a place called the New Smoke. But Tally got separated from the rest and decided to find the New Smoke herself. In the process, a tribe of strange uglies found her. First they attacked her, then, because of her beauty mistook her for a goddess. Tally didn't argue with this, and these people treated her very nicely. She thought they had weird customs, especially when she met Andrew, "The Holy Man". Andrew tried helping Tally find the rest of the group but they didn't succeed. Instead they came to a place the natives called" The End of the World". The called it this because they literally thought it was the end of the world, but Tally knew better. This strange place was guarded by, what was believed to be "little men. When you got closer to these little men, static electricity went through your body, causing you to go back. Since Tally couldn't get past these little



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