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Preparation Guide for Marketing Roles

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Essay Preview: Preparation Guide for Marketing Roles

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Preparation Guide for Marketing Roles (Summer Internships)

Process :

Marketing firms come on campus on Cluster 2. The selection process of marketing roles is a 2-step one. On the day before the C2, firms will conduct GDs.

This day – popularly known as GD day – can turn out to be a long on as one can even have 10-20 GDs scheduled through the day with different companies. The firms release shortlists on that night & you will have very little time to prepare for the interviews as you want to make sure you get some good sleep too !

Interviews can vary from firm to firm – some firms take 2 interviews but most take only one.

Below is a guideline to follow for the process. Although not exhaustive, we have tried to cover the important areas of preparation.

Preparation :

GDs –

Group Discussions are an important part of the process as a major chunk of candidates get filtered out at this stage. Generally 8-10 students take part in a GD and it lasts 10-20 mins. The topics of GD can range from Marketing Cases (e.g. how should maggi relaunch) to Current Affairs to Abstract. Recruiters generally look for candidate’s ability to put Structure to the GD, add good points, group behaviour etc.

Preparation recommendation : Niche will extensively conduct GDs in Slot 3. Practice is the only way to get better and we encourage you to practice GDs either by attending the ones organized by clubs or with your friends

Interview –

The interview is the second step of the process & takes place the day after the GD day. Typically interviews last 20-45 mins. We have seen, that the questions can broadly be classified in below 3 buckets –

HRQs  & your CV –

HRQs are very important and every firm definitely asks them. Firms like P&G, ABInbev, J&J are known to almost entirely ask HRQs. This is often the MOST NEGLECTED segment and hence can become a differentiator if mastered.

Preparation recommendation : Make sure you are thorough with the HRQs sent by Placecom and know your CV in and out. Take help from your Niche mentors and tucchas, who can conduct Mock interviews and brush up your HRQs. Use the Question Bank in the Prep Folder to see what kind of questions are asked.

Marketing Concepts –

Key concepts tested are STP, 4P, Communications. Generally firms do not ask direct theory questions but ask you to apply them to situations like market sizing, market entry, marketing plan, sales strategy, new product launch, communication plan. e.g. make a marketing plan to promote Goa as a spiritual tourism destination



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