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Preemptive War

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Preemptive strike has become America's best idea on how to deal with the international threats of terrorism and nuclear warfare. The United States have dealt with these problems for many years. Their defense strategy is to strike first and strike hard enough so that their opponents cannot pose retaliation. This idea of preemptive strike has been a debatable issue because the United States have never initiated the war. The United Stats have always waited on an action that would "spark the fire" and some believe that this "waiting on the enemy" tactic will hurt the country just like the events of 9/11. Whether the United States chooses to act first or not, they will continue to be threatened because of their role as one of the world's top superpowers. The United States should follow through with the idea of preemptive strike because it will prove the United States' power of the military force, decrease the threat of terrorism, and make use of the money being spent on the military.

Since the US is considered to be one of the strongest, most efficient superpower in the Western Hemisphere, their military force should enforce the preemptive strike. The United States is seen to be afraid to go into war because the loss of American lives, but when the United States attacks another country, that country's losses seem to not have just a dramatic effect. Soldiers who engage in war should be ready to face the real experiences and accept what has to be brought upon them. The effects from a preemptive strike will show the world that the United States will not wait to be attacked or be threatened. All of the losses that had been made were allowed because of the indecision of the military to strike back. The intelligence of the military are quite advanced to those in the East. The stationing of soldiers in Iraq is eventually going to create the actual engagement in war. If America is afraid to lose soldiers, they should



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