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Precess Paragraph

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Every point in a game of tennis begins with a serve. So, if you want to be able to play tennis, you have to master the serve. In order to do the serve, you need to master the stance, grip, and the follow-through. Before we begin you should get a racket and a tennis ball. Moreover, you should practice on a tennis court for that. After gathering all the necessary things, we begin to look at the first step: The Stance. Stand sideways, so your left foot is pointing to the opposite post of the net, with your right foot being parallel to the court. If you are not at a tennis court use tape as your baseline and toilet paper rolls as posts. These instructions for serving are for right-handed players. If you are  left-handed just use the opposite hands and feet. With knowing how to stand right, you are now one step closer to do a serve. Thus, you can continue with the Grip. Hold your grip with a continental grip. For this grip, you should hold the racket vertical to the ground, with your index finger along the bevel of the racket, so that your thumb and index finger make a "V" shape. Many new players try to grip the racket as tightly as they can. This should not be the case. As a result, you lower the risk of hurting your wrist. With your free hand, grip the ball lightly toward the fingertips. Knowing the first two steps, you can now go on to the last step, the Follow-Through. Bring the racket head up above behind you as if you were to scratch your back with the side of your racket. Bend your knees to give the serve more power. The ball throw and the rotation of the racket need to happen at the same time, which makes it confusing. Thus, make sure you know how to move the racket first before you go on. Throw the ball in front of you straight up in the sky and hit the ball at the highest point that you can reasonably hit it. The higher the ball, the more easily you'll be able to generate speed. Push the racket down, so the ball flies over the net. By mastering the Stance, Grip, and Follow-through you know now how to do a serve to start a professional tennis game.



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