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Pr Simulation

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"Managing a Crisis Using PR" Simulation Summary


This simulation was focused on the company, American Wattage Corporation, a $3.5 billion electricity producer providing more than 1.5 million customers with reliable, efficient energy. American Wattage Corporation operates in California, Utah, and Wyoming. In California, its green electricity division operates as Greenergy, and it has set up a 14MW wind plant in Altamont Pass. As the Public Relations Manager for Greenergy, it is my job to help in the decision-making for various situations.

Proactive Planning

Proactive planning can be defined as planning responsibly for a situation beforehand, rather than waiting for something to happen and then coming up with a strategy to solve it. Proactive planning takes the time to complete a crisis management plan before the company experiences a crisis. The plan includes, among other things, identifying the management personnel and outside consultants that need to meet immediately. A company's success depends on the quality of its strategy and implementation. Planning coordinates and supports the strategy implementation. Hence, planning determines the outcome and affects the bottom line of Greenergy.

Feedback Mechanism

The feedback mechanism that would be best for the situation at Greenergy, would be to conduct public surveys and to also hold shareholder meetings. This way we are able to receive feedback both internally and externally which will help in deciding how to improve. An ineffectual way of carrying out this plan would be to ignore the fact that there is a crisis situation that needs immediate attention, and do nothing about it. Another ineffective way is to ignore the public's opinion and just focus on the Company's shareholders and employees. This shows the public that the Company does not care about how this situation has affected the public, which creates an image



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