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Pottymouth and Stoopid Alternate Ending

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Essay Preview: Pottymouth and Stoopid Alternate Ending

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Pottymouth and Stoopid

Alternate Ending

As we left the limo and entered the cartoon factory, we saw dozens of computer nerds tapping on keyboards while artists sketched on tablets. Michael looked at the big screen off to the left and said, “Whoa, those flufferknuckles are us!”

“Hey, welcome to the center of the whole operation,” said Mr. Malkiel as he came out of his office. Michael and I walked and talked as we took a tour of the incredibly large building. The tour was actually pretty boring until we came across this complex looking machine that had a sign that read,” DO NOT TOUCH!” However, Michael and I couldn’t help ourselves so we slowly walked away as Mr. Malkiel kept explaining what everything was. As we opened the door to the complex machine I whispered,"That guy was boring." Then out of nowhere while we were admiring the machine, the door slammed shut behind us and locked.

We started banging on the window and saw Mr. Malkiel on the control panel. With one push of a button the machine turned on and what we could only guess was a portal, opened in the center of the contraption. We were starting to slide backward as the portal kept getting wider and wider until we were sucked into it and placed into this strange animated world. Little did we know this was exactly what the Cartoon Factory wanted.

We woke up in a strange area with disfigured buildings and weird looking people. As I ran towards David, he yelled,"Where the Hicklesnicklepox are we?" David and I started walking around and we took note of how the town we were in looked exactly like ours. But right as we turned the corner we saw my house and two kids playing in the driveway so we ran over and said,"Get the fudgepuggle out of our yard you boomboolies!" As soon as we said that they were sucked up into the sky and they disappeared. David and I were in



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