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Postwar Turmoil

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Postwar turmoil

Sacco and Vanzetti

1) Anarchists believe that the restraint of one person by another is evil, and they do not recognize the authority of any government

2) They were accused or murdering a paymaster and a shoe factory guard during a robbery in South Braintree, Massachusetts.

3) His opinion on why they were being executed was because of there "alien blood", because they were immigrants and radicals, advocating political and social revolution.

The Red Scare

4a) They feared communism because the Bolshevik Revolution in November 1917, installed a communist government in Russia. Communist uprising in Hungary and Bavaria made it seem as it was spreading rapidly.

b) Two small communist parties had formed in the US in 1919. Their total membership never exceeded 70,000, just one tenth or 1 percent of the adult population. Even so this caused people to freak out.

5a) He was President Wilson's attorney general. He directed the red scare.

b) It was a antiradical division. This division began gathering info bout domestic radical activities.

6a) 249 aliens were deported to Russia on a ship called "The Soviet Ark", 4,000 people were arrested many of them US citizens in 33 major cities.

7) He called it un-american because if someone want to believe what ever they want to without no violence then it is ok. And he says that this is not worth it.

8a) The living cost had more than doubled from prewar levels. When their wages lagged behind angry workers went on strike.

b) They called it the Bolshevistic

The Great Migration



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