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Pop Art-Andy Warhol

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Essay Preview: Pop Art-Andy Warhol

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I believe Pop art is still around in some ways today. They see it as what is popular and what is going on during that certain time. Things change popularity very often so the Pop art changes with the different things that come and go into style and fashionable at that time. “The artist of pop found a gold mine of visual material in the mundane, mass-produced objects and images of America’s popular culture-comic books, advertising, billboards, and packaging; the ever-expanding world of home appliances and other commodities; and photographic images from cinema, television, and newspaper.” (543)

This art was kind of like a way of promoting things because what you drew or painted was advertising the product. Some major products used at this time in portraits were things such as Campbell soup cans, Coca-Cola bottles, and some famous people used was Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, and Elvis Presley. They would sometimes show these people as comics and not give them real great detail like in every fine line on their face. They put everything out on the surface they made it all visual there was never anything hidden deep down it was all on top. Some common pieces of Pop art are comic strips yet they were enlarged and it was usually just one frame that would be painted. It gets very up close and personal with just that one frame it would give you the detail so that you could see the dialogue and even the newspaper dots where it was reproduced. Another thing they did was an event called shooting and people would gather around and watch this. The artist would aim a pistol at the sculptor where there were pouches of paint hidden in the work and with each flourishing shot it would produce an outburst of color.

I believe that Pop art is still admired in many ways today and that some people are still trying to bring it back in some ways. Many people still have the pictures that involve Coca-Cola bottles, or Campbell soup cans. They try to keep them up and reproduce those in many ways so people can have a room decorated like that or see it as the way Pop art once was.

Andy Warhol enjoyed reading comic books so his drawing I got into was his Popeye one called Saturday’s Popeye he did acrylic on canvas in 1960 he did many others like Superman, Batman, and the Little King. He painted his first works based on comics and advertisements; he would enlarge them and then transfer the images onto his canvases with an opaque projector. The Saturday's



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