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Political and Economic Context of Blood Wedding

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Essay Preview: Political and Economic Context of Blood Wedding

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1933→year of the second election for the Second Spanish Republic→new atmosphere of artistic freedom which gave Lorca’s talent the freedom to develop as never before and led to his appointment as director of an innovative theatre company.

1936→the innovative period mentioned above did not last much: Franco’s military insurrection led to the outbreak of the Civil War→ Lorca was forced into hiding and then he was arrested and then executed.

Spain of 1930s is conservative, full of expectations of the societies.

Conservative means that the leaders oppose the utopian plans of perfect societies and the too radical changings, they believe in individual freedom and in the market, they are severe in the theme of laws and they are really respectful towards traditions, families and religion.


Spain in 1930s was rural and as a consequence really poor: everything was based on the land

Father: this land needs strong hands that cost nothing. It’s a perpetual battle against weeds…only men who own the land will dominate it

Men were always using the land trying to make it profitable.  

Father: only men who own the land will dominate it and punish it hard enough to make the seed spring. We need many sons.

Land is a symbol for prosperity, growth, hardship and success

Land was at the centre of all the economy

Relative wealth

Women did not have much role in the society/economy: their role was to sew and to look after the family; they didn’t have much role in the economy.

Economic depression 1930s


He is a reflection of the age (change)

He was possibly gay→unacceptable position (Leonardo + Bride)

He was an outsider/alien.

Father: that boy will come to a bad end. The blood’s no good.

Mother: That family’s so ready to kill


[pic 1][pic 2]

Position of women (represented by the Wife and the Mother):

-No rights

-Adultery was a crime


Women’s passion and independence were opposing society.

Tension between individual and society!!! (Leonardo is the only one with a name in the play) 

He refuses to conform to the expectations of society and society’s mores.



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