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Political Culture

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Canada was inhabited by Indians, also known as native Americans or Paleo-Indians, thousands of years ago. It wasn't until the 15th century that the French and British began to explore and colonize in what we call Canada nowadays. With their settlement came religion, language, and new ideals that became a basis to Canadian ideals on society and in government. While Canada is similar to the United States is their sense of natural rights to citizens and a constitutional based government, they differ in that Canada is considered to be a constitutional monarchy. 

Canada has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that almost mimics the United States Bill of Rights. They believe in freedom of religion and personal liberty which allows citizens to share freely as done in the United States. Even though they're open in terms of individuality like the United States, they are considered too liberal in terms of being overly open. They however believe in a sort of democratic approach to government that is mixed with a parliament set up as how the French and British have. 

A constitutional monarchy is where the monarch is the head of state(like the president of the United States), but the power is distributed among his multi-party cabinet of legislators. This sort of government was based upon the British parliament but they have built upon it, considering it to be a "layered" type of government. They have a type of regionalism which sets each individual way apart, but somehow ties them together. One of the biggest differences between Canada and The United States is that the U.S. has all 50 states looking to it, where Canada is somewhat split. French speaking Canada looks to one city, while English speaking Canada looks to the other. Even though they're separate and they abide by some different beliefs because of they're origins, they somewhat work together. 

All in all, the United States and Canada have many similarities in major



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