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Plato Vs. Socrates

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Plato vs. Aristotle

Plato and Aristotle, two very well known philosophers, by definition are knowledge lovers, who held different ways of thinking on that of creation, politics, and love, consequently the teacher of Aristotle, who was Plato, holds different views on all of those matters.

Creation, the beginning process of life either given from God, or an actual "higher form" which was Plato's idea, or passed through from evolution, from which Aristotle sided with is one example of their differences. Plato's idea that the creator, was a God, the all powerful who created the Earth, the universe, ECT, Aristotle would not believe in such a thing, because in his way of thinking, he does not encourage something that isn't visual to him. Substance, matter, substratum, plain black and white evidence of something in the only convincing barrier for Aristotle's mind to handle, whereas Plato trusted quite the opposite.

Politics for these two resembles night and day. Aristotle preached balance. In balance, a stable government can be observed and obtained. Plato's concept of what politics and government should be is a direct result of his belief in the theory of forms. The theory of forms basically states that there is a higher "form" for everything that exists in the world.

Each material thing is a representation of the real thing which is the form. According to Plato, most people cannot see the forms; they only see their representation or their shadows.

Love for Plato had to be accomplished through mind and soul. For him, and his idea the mind and soul could not be separated, either through mortality or immortality. Someone could not love without body or a soul. To Aristotle we are of substance. One cannot see a soul, nor detect a mind, or where it lies, therefore to Aristotle, it does not exist. One cannot see love, it does not have fire, flesh



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