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Physician Assisted Suicide

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Essay Preview: Physician Assisted Suicide

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Viktoriya Tur

Life Issue Argument

Health Care Ethics PHIL 1220

Physician Assisted Suicide

Physician assisted suicide is a hot button issue in today's world of medical ethics, and is being debated in different states and countries all over the world. Constant social changes and new rights force us to make a decision on where we stand on this issue. Some countries, like Switzerland, have already made it legal, as well as some states in the USA, like Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and Montana, and more are fighting to make it legal as well, while others are strictly keeping this topic off the table. The issue at hand, however, is more so about the blurred lines between suicide and murder. Suicide in general is a very negatively looked-upon issue, and is often swept under the rug or overlooked due to its uncomfortable nature in today's society. However, that doesn't change the fact that it occurs, and occurs quite frequently. Some of these cases are caused by the victim's poor health conditions, whether it's physical or mental. Many people feel like they have no other choice, and especially so if they know they're going to die slowly over a certain future period of time. Many of them try to avoid the pain and torture of what's to come, and take matters into their own hands. This is not going to change no matter how much we condemn and frown upon this particular act. What we can do, however, is create an environment in which these patients feel like they're cared for and supported, even when they have nothing more to lose.

Physician assisted suicide has its benefits in that it allows the patient to seek professional help in their goal to end their life under their own terms. It's far more humane than the various alternatives that many of these people reserve to, such as using guns, hanging, and other violent and horrific ways to end their life. It leaves their loved ones with way more to deal with and a much more difficult situation to handle, not to mention the hardship it creates for them emotionally. Assisted suicide can prepare everyone, including the patient and their loved ones, for the eventual outcome, allow a chance to say goodbye, and leave the body preserved in its normal appearance. Also, this option gives the patient much more control over their life, and allows them to choose when to go, while they're still physically, mentally, and emotionally there and are able to say their goodbyes, make their final wishes, live out their final dreams, and avoid pain, suffering, and other physical and emotional traumas that pertain to dealing with end-of life medical conditions.



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