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PEST (Political, Economical Social and Technological environment ) Analysis

The external environment of any organisation / university / faculty / department etc. can be analyzed by conducting a PEST analysis. The acronym PEST (sometimes rearranged as STEP) is used to describe a framework for the analysis a range of macro environmental factors including the Political, Economical Social and Technological environment. A PEST analysis fits into an overall environmental scan including the SWOT analysis and McKinsey's 7S Model, which is briefly discussed below and also referred to in the document 'Preparing a SWOT Analysis. For a unit (referring to any area under review be it an academic department, a research unit, an administrative unit or a support service unit), a PEST analysis should relate to:

1. The external environment outside of the unit but within UCC, and

2. The external environment outside of UCC, given the national and international profile of the office

The PEST analysis provides the following simple framework:

Political Factors

Political factors can have a direct impact on the way business operates. Decisions made by government affect the operations of units within the university to a varying degree. Political refers to the big and small 'p' political forces and influences that may affect the performance of, or the options open to the unit concerned. The political arena has a huge influence upon the regulation of public and private sector businesses, and the spending power of consumers and other businesses, both within UCC and outside of UCC. Political factors include government regulations and legal issues and define both formal and informal rules under which UCC and units must operate. Depending on its role



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