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Personality Test

To be completely honest, I feel that if someone is confident in knowing

themselves a general personality test taken online can only waste time and patience. In my case, the personality test I took on "" was not helpful at all. I am a somewhat confident person that often takes time to look into myself, my beliefs, passions and interests. I decided to give the medium version of the test a try because I was quite curious on deeper results. As I came to the fourth or fifth question I realized that the point of this test is to help us realize that we don't need an unfamiliar source to tell us how we are, all we really need to do is pay closer attention to ourselves and at the least be honest with ourselves if not with others. This test was accurate because I did answer the questions completely honestly. Another reason why I know it was accurate is because I already knew what the outcome was going to be due to a lot of soul searching and paying attention to myself, my actions, and my feelings. In doing so I believe it helps me become a better, more mature, sound person. I also noticed that the questions were not in a standard, organized order (yes I'm a little bit of a left brainer!) And it would ask one question about three different times in a different format. It seems it was set up this way to see if the test taker was being honest. Due to being Italian and Irish I can be occasionally stubborn and judgmental so after I received my results I began to criticize the test a little bit. My background, culture, family values, and confidence I will always believe that no one knows you better than you.



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