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Personality Disorder

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Before discussing Antisocial Personality Disorders, it is important to understand personality disorders in general. A personality disorder is a condition that entails a chronic, persistent, and incorrect way of thinking. The primary importance of personality disorders is the possibility that these disorders can seriously impair and individual's ability to function in any social setting.

People with antisocial personality disorder display a lack of interest or concern towards the rules and expectations of a society. It is portrayed by a longstanding pattern of irresponsible attitude and behavior indicating a lack of conscience and a decreased sense of common courtesy and responsibility to others. Individuals with this anti-social disorder often times displays a pattern of lying, truancy, delinquency, running away from school and they often times have difficulties with the law. Once they become adults, they continue to commit acts that are against the law. They fail miserably at living up to the requirements of working on a job, dealing with financial responsibilities, and handling parenting responsibilities. They also have problems with maintaining long term relationships and are repeatedly incriminated with alcohol and drug abuse. Despite failing at several aspects of their life, people with anti-social personality disorder don't exhibit any type of intense emotion, such as anxiety, shame and guilt. They maintain their composure in circumstances that would otherwise alarm and upset regular, ordinary people. These individuals have several factors that predispose them to antisocial personality disorder and they are as follows: absence of parental discipline; extreme poverty; growing up without parental figures; erratic discipline; being bailed out each time a person gets in trouble and never having to deal with the consequences.

In closing, there is no accepted effective method of treatment of antisocial personalities and the outcome is



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