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Personal Values And Ethics

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Personal Values and Ethic Standards

Values and ethics are one of the most important characteristic of an individual. They basically define who we are and what we believe. There are many factors that determine our values and ethics. Culture, religion, and many other factors affect our beliefs. Many times are values and ethics can clash with different people who hold different views and beliefs. This doesn't mean our values or ethics are wrong it just means we think differently than others. Most people have a good sense of ethics and values. Knowing between right and wrong is a good foundation to practicing good ethics and morals.

How we develop ethics and values starts from the time we are born and mostly developed by the people were major influences in our life. Family members, Grandparents, friends, and school teachers are a big part of our lives as we are growing up and they all influence our thoughts and beliefs. We develop many values and ethics through past experiences whether it is a positive or negative experience. These thoughts and beliefs are what guide us through our life time in making decisions, thoughts, and judgments. Culture has a great deal of influence also on our values and ethics. Most nations are different in their beliefs and thoughts of what is socially accepted. Many cultures have been around for thousands of years and their thoughts and beliefs are just as old.

When it comes to my personal ethics and values, I feel they are strong and unbiased, and correct. I developed these ethic and values when I was young. I was taught what is right and what is wrong. I was punished if I did something wrong, or told a lie. Both my parents and grandparents had high standards and morals. These were something that we needed to learn. They taught me that lying, stealing, or cheating would not be tolerated and I would be held accountable if I did these acts and punished accordingly. They taught me to be honest, respectful to others, treat others how you would want to be treated, and work hard for what I want. You get what you put into something, meaning if you do very little all you will receive is very little. I find this true still today. I remember most of my teachers working hard to help me do well in school. They showed a passion that seems to lack in teachers today. My teachers helped me develop good work habits and studying hard to obtain good grades. I figured that if they spent that much effort with me I could do my part and work hard to finish my work. This habit has stayed with me through out my life so far. I was fortunate enough to have a family, extended family, and teachers who took the time to teach good ethics and values. Without their guidance I don't know how I would be today, it is hard to say but I could be the same or I could be very different.

Today I used the basic principles I was taught and learned as a child to make choices and judgments today. In the decision making process I use today I still think about my values and ethics. First I try to have all of the information possible about any decision making that I need to do. Having all of the information is critical to making a proper choice. I listen to others points of views and try to understand them and respect them. Then like I learned earlier in life, is this decision ethical and moral according to me. Will this decision cause harm to others? Are there legal implications to this decision? Is this decision within policy guidelines? There are many factors that affect my decision making process but they are based on my personal values and ethics. Decision making is something we all must do everyday in our lives, whether it be personal or professional our ethics and values affect these choices that we will make.

Hopefully my values and morals will bring good ideas and thoughts to my place of employment of a human services worker. I feel I have a strong sense of morals and ethics that would be an asset to any organization. I feel the implications would be a stronger desire to help individuals who need or request help. I would do my work to the best of my ability and take pride in what I do and accomplish. This would help the client feel more secure about receiving help and maybe the client could be more open and honest about their problems. In order to help someone fully a client must be honest and open to the professional so he/she can know the problem to the fullest extent. Overall the implications of my values and ethics would most likely be a positive result, and that would be my main concern. The client comes first before anything else.

When it comes to ethical standards in the human resource occupations I agree with most of them. One that I don't see me every having a problem with is the clients right to privacy. I would however report and potential acts of violence against others or self. I agree in a clients right to privacy very much. I know I want my information kept private no matter what the subject is. If the client wants his or her information public that is their choice and I will respect that. If somebody wants the client's information from me and they don't have the proper documents or the need to know, they will not receive it no matter what. I will protect everybody's information to the best of my ability and follow all laws and policies regarding this matter. I believe in this very strongly and would encourage all others to do the same.

When it comes to having problems with ethics and clients I do have some issues. If I had to help a client who was a murder, rapist, or child abuser I would have serious issues with this individual. I know we are supposed to treat all clients with respect and dignity, but I don't think it could when it comes to a situation like this. I have strong personal views on these topics and subjects and it would affect



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