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Personal Narrative

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Growing up as a child I would always think about how much i wanted to get married and having children one day. Playing Barbies with my sister and/or my bestfriend and acting out with Barbie and Ken how I thought life would be for me when i got older.

I remember one particular day where my sister, bestfriend and i had dedicated one day for just playing Barbies. We had all of our Barbies laid

out with all the clothes, shoes, purses, hats and other accessories all around the room. But we took it even gurther and had both of our doll houses out as well. My sister had the Barbie Fold and Fun House, and I had the Barbie Magic Sounds House. But what Barbie could have a house with her cars. A pink Corvette, Blue Cadiallac, Red Mustang, and pink Porsche, but after Barbie's family extended with Stacy, Skipper, and Kelly, we got the Minnie Van as well. Here we are surrounded by all of these Barbies and things, we were in heaven so to speak. Our Barbies even had their own family reunion. Were all of our Barbies and my bestfriends brought over hers and they had a picnic, plaid

games and plaid

with the kids. The thing we did most with the dolls are change their clothes and brush their hair. Now while we're doing this, we're also carrying on a converstaion with the Barbies. Like, "Girl, let me tell you what happened at the hair dresser yesterday...". As I look back on this I can't help but think, man, I wish I could go back to those days or if I could go back one day to re-live my childhood.

It's not until I got older and had my son, that i realized how many different factors there are in doing so. First it's a big responsibility in having and/or rasing a family. It take a lot of work, sacrafising, struggle, hard ships and just plain ol' time to do it. Growing up my sister and I never wanted for anythig and almost always got what we wanted. There are serveral times I can think of where we went to the store with one or both of our parents, (mostly just mom), with no intention of getting anything and come back with 1 or 2 things. Whether it would be something as little as a new journal and pen or a chalkboard to something like a new doll house. Until I became a parent of my own, I never appreciated things my parents did for me as much as I should have or showed. Even in high school, having a jobe, I didn't appreciate it. Me having a job just meant extra



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