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Personal Learning Styles

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Personal Learning Skills

Kyndra Thomas

March 9, 2006

Gen 101

Mrs. Livia Johnson


Personal Learning Skills

To learn is knowledge and to have knowledge is worth everything. I know that if I want to grow in my position or even run my own business I have to acquire knowledge in business in order to be successful. Learning for me is not easy, I never did very well in school, I had to study hard to even understand the material. I have developed several ways of learning to make it easier for myself.

The way I learn is, that I like for people to tell me how to do it and then leave me alone to do it. There are other times when I am given an example and I am left to work it out on my own. I like to push myself to see if I can get it done by example. My mind remembers things that way, I also like visuals. I like to see things done and then I can copy. Reading is not one of my strongest points but I do it anyway. I use motivation as a way of pushing me to learn things and how to do it even if it is difficult for me.

I learn by reading, but because it is I have not been in school for a while it is hard for me to focus. So for me I have to read and read until I get it. I have to not only read but take notes. I have to write it down so that I can not only see it but memorize it as well. I am not the best at memorizing things so for me to write it down helps a lot. Learning for me is trail and error, I learn from my mistakes I learn what to do and what not to do. I also, learn by doing research, I will research a project just to learn more about a product or when writing a paper. Doing research I look through a lot of material just to get a better understanding of what it is that I am suppose to do or know for a presentation or meeting.

I believe that I learn in spurts. What I mean by that is that sometimes I feel like I am in a dry place and when I am in that place I feel like a sponge, I feel like I can learn anything and everything.

Another way I learn is my listening to people when they talk and I follow there instructions. I hear and I do. I like learning hands-on, for me hands on is my favorite way of learning because once I actually do it I never forget how to do it, then what I do is try and prefect it the best way that I can.


When I



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