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Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Performance enhancing drugs is a very important and topical issue affecting the world's athletes of today. I choose this topic because I have a strong interest in sport myself and I feel it is unfair on the honest athletes and I know if I was playing a sport and my opposition was taking drugs, I would be annoyed. Many athletes turn to performance enhancing drugs to enhance their performance in their desired sport or activity. I decided to investigate what are performance enhancing drugs, why athletes chose to use them and why performance enhancing drugs are banned in sport.

Performance enhancing drugs play a major role in the sports industry today. They are drugs or chemicals that improve the athletes functioning, mainly speed and strength. The main performance enhancing drug is the anabolic steroid. Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone that is produced in the male's testes. Although the drugs may help the athlete in their desired sport they can also have harmful side effects on the athletes. The drugs are mainly used to increase muscle bulk and to reduce weight prior to competition. From my research I have found out that there is mainly one type

of drug, the anabolic steroid that the dishonest athletes use but throughout the world there are many types of performance enhancing drugs.

Anabolic steroids are performance enhancing drugs that athletes take prior to their competitions, they take the drugs during their training and workouts to maximize their strength and speed they need. I found out that if the athletes were to take steroids right before an event, it would not enhance their performance one bit.

In sports today many athletes rely on performance enhancing drugs. The main reason they use them is because they want to achieve the best results they can in their competitions. Another reason why they use them is because of their obsession with winning which causes them to cheat. The most common events that the athletes were found to be cheating in were the power and strength events. Athletes use performance enhancing drugs to increase their own muscle bulk and to improve their strength and speed. They also take them to heightened competitiveness with associated aggression. There are a lot of people in the world today who use performance enhancing drugs, this is one of the reasons why others take them because they feel pressured, and they think that they need to cheat so that they still have a chance of winning in their event, also to keep up with their opponents who are cheating. I think sometimes there is too much pressure placed on the athletes, especially during Olympic Games to win medals for their country, which not only makes the country successful but the athletes themselves also, they may give into temptation. I have discovered from my research that the athletes in pursuit of glory and large sums of money were



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