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Peace Shall Destory Many

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After reading the poems there are two that I find myself relating to more than any of the others, however, only one of this poems grabs me in a deep meaningful way. The two poems that I relate to are the “Red Wheel barrel” and “The Road Not Taken”. I related to the “Red Wheel Barrel” because it reminded me of home, whereas, I related to the “Road Not Taken” in a more true to life way.

When I first read the “Road Not Taken” I know felt like Frost was speaking about me. So many times had roads appeared in my life forcing me to make a decision, one that I know I would most likely never get the chance to make again. This poem is true to life and presents the struggle of every man, woman, and child, each one is faced with a choice that they hope will be the best one years down the road. But they will never know until that day comes when they can look back, sigh and say “ I Chose the path less traveled by” (Frost).

For me this poem and rung true many times here in college. I often find myself sitting and reflecting on the decisions that I have made, sometimes I find that I can say I have chosen the right path other I cannot. This is why I can relate to this poem better than any other that we have read, maybe one day I will be able to say “I Chose the path less traveled by and it has me all the difference” (Frost).



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