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Parkway Nursing Case Solution

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What do the data on employee injuries, incidents, absences, and turnover suggest to you? Is there reason for concern about the company’s direction? 


Data provides the proper view in a form of the statistic of problem faced by the Parkway Nursing Care. The figure shows that the fluctuation on every category has been increased year on year. Numbers of patients increases since the year 2000 till 2009. As numbers of patients have been increased every year, the medical staff must have overlooked patients thus rate of an incidents per one patient increases. As in incidents per one patient increases, injuries per one staff member also increases. Incremental number of injuries per one staff member has led to an increase of a certified absence per one staff.

Company direction has been to make sure that it keeps good position & should continue for expanding rapidly. There have been reasons of concern about direction of the company depending on increasing of figures on the injuries per one staff member, the incident per one patient & the absences staff. It may incur the higher cost & much staff is being stressed. But company must emphasis on their staff & the patients.


The company is going to be making some significant changes based on the appreciative inquiry process, and most change efforts are associated with resistance. What are the most common forms of resistance, and which would you expect to see at Parkway? 


‘Resistance towards change’ may be termed as the emotional and the behavioural response towards the real and the imagined threat to the established work routines. 3 factors which lead to the resistance have been the recipient characteristic, the change agent characteristic & also the change agent recipient relationships. Most commonly the forms of resistance have been related to the characteristic of the recipient in its previous success.

As per the case provided, conflict in between younger caregivers & the older caregivers has been about methods of keeping documents of the patients. It shows that older caregivers have been resisted & not fully ready for changing the method of keeping patients document.

Other obstacle for the amendment which may be seen at the Parkway Nursing Care has been company failure to the legitimize change. It is the problem which arises when there have been the staffs which are not satisfied with HR management.

Agent-recipient relationship has also been one of hurdles for a change. Generally people who have been positive & trusting with the others are much easily adopting changes in a job environment.


Given the board of directors’ desire to re-energize the workforce, what advice would you provide for creating a leadership strategy? What leader behaviors should nursing home directors and nurse supervisors demonstrate? 

There has been some leadership strategy which may be used for re-energize workforce and they are:

  • Participative Theory has been the ideal leadership style which takes in consideration input of their associates.
  • Situational Theories also propose that the leaders must choose best course of an action depending on the situational variables.
  • Contingency Theory is focused on the environment variables & it may determine which type of leadership has been suitable for the specific situation.
  • Management Theories provides much importance to role of an organization, the supervision & much importantly group performances.
  • Transformational theories also focus on connections which have been formed in between the followers & the leaders.

Best leadership strategy which I advise the Parkway for using is the Situational Theory. Nursing home directors & the nurse supervisors must be the telling leader.

In the selling & the coaching leadership behaviour, nursing home director & the nurse supervisors are still having prerogative while making decisions however in such a set up communication process has been no longer single sided. Next behaviour in the situational leadership has been the participating & the supporting. Nursing home directors & the nurse supervisors provides much control & the minimal supervision on employees. Next behaviour in the situation leadership methods is the delegation. Nursing home directors & the nurse supervisors have been still is involved in a decision making process however the delegation of tasks & the processes has been totally given to employees for making the decisions & monitoring progress of the task.


What are the major sources of job stress at Parkway? What does the research on employee stress suggest you should do to help minimize the experience of psychological strain for employees? Create a plan for how to reduce stress among employees. 


Main sources of the job stress at a Parkway as the organization facing the huge change, Parkway has remained committed for providing the dignity & the health to each resident in their facilities. Board of the directors are willing of seeing the renewed commitment for firm's mission & the core value has not of their culture.

        For helping & minimizing experience of the psychological strain to the employees, company must create the change & re-energize their sense of mission which has been the appreciative inquiry. The appreciative inquiry procedures collect the employee inputs & then for creating the change message which everybody may support.

        There have been various steps for reducing the stress in between the employees. 1st best way has been to produce the nice & the comfortable work environment. After that employers must allow employee for making the decision of how to improve its work performance. 3rd if there had been the lot of sound on workplace then we must make sure that employer may create the quiet room for employees for having the break. When employees achieve their goals, the employer must make sure that to thanks them. Also while creating the workstation, make sure that employer may choose best furniture provided on market & best tools. After this, make sure the employees must meet & create the work relationships. Lastly create the gym a firm as employer may reduce the employee stress easily.



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