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Outsourcing Jobs

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that was able to speak fluent and clear English and fully understand your problem? Chances are you did not. Not only is this inconvenient, but it becomes very frustrating. Why call a technical support number to seek help, when the person on the other end is unable to help you because of a language barrier? It only makes the situation stressful and frustrating. Chances are if the same job position was held by an American, living the United States, you would not have run across this situation.

Outsourcing is becoming very popular and is a growing trend with companies of all sizes. Outsourcing started in manufacturing and textiles. Many of the first companies to outsource where automobile manufacturers. Over time, this has gown into data entry, telemarketing, and IT jobs being outsourced. Hewlet Packard is one of the very large companies that outsource to India and other countries. HP has many, if not all, call centers outsourced. This is one of the company's efforts to cut costs.

Job outsourcing has a very major effect on the United States. One effect is a loss of jobs for American citizens. Many highly trained and very educated Americans are having a difficult time finding a quality, steady, high paying job. After completing high school and perusing college, many people are left taking a low paying job because the job they have studied for is now being outsourced. It almost seems useless to pursue a job in a field that has the chance of being sent overseas and filled by a lower quality employee.

Another effect outsourcing has is the jobs that do still remain state side pay lower wages and come with fewer benefits. It makes more sense for the company to send the position overseas where it can be filled by an employee who will settle for lower wages and no benefits. Many companies are finding it useless to try and keep up with this trend and lay off top employees who are being paid top salary and are receiving excellent benefits, just to hire in new employees who are at the bottom of the chain.

Our economy is taking a serious hurting from this rapidly growing trend. With laid off or even fired employees, families are spending less due to the lack of income in the household. Many children are left without insurance and proper medical care. It's very upsetting to see highly educated people having to settle for a low-end part time job due to the fact that the job position they planned to pursue is now filled by a citizen of another country.

Many college students are even going to the extreme of changing majors half way through a degree program. It seems almost pointless to continue pursuing a job position that will, one day, be outsourced and filled by a less qualified individual. Students are left settling for majoring in an area they did not plan to. Some even just giving up and settling for a job that they will never use the education they worked so hard to earn.

Now for an experience I recently had. A friend had called me for help with her desktop computer, knowing I have a lot of knowledge on computers, and how they operate. I did everything I could do to try and resolve her issue, and we were still not able to correct



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