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Outline only - Organ Donation

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Essay Preview: Outline only - Organ Donation

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Organ Donation

General Purpose: To persuade

 Thesis Statement: Explain to the audience about the general information regarding the importance of being an organ donor.

  1. Overview
  1. Donation of organs from a dead person
  1. Transplanted to a live person
  2. Must be done a few hours after death
  3. Donations are by wait list only
  4. High risk people are not eligible
  5. Extreme medical conditions considered
  1. Why is it so important?
  1. Donations can save lives... literally
  2. ALL organs are taken
  3. Ever needed something you couldn’t live without?
  4. Nearly 124,000 men, women, and children are awaiting organ transplants
  1. Become a donor
  1. Be issued a state ID or license
  1. You will be given this option before you receive card
  2. Register for YOUR states’ donors list
  3. Inform friends/family of decision
  4. This spreads awareness as well
  1. Other Alternatives
  1. Donate your body to science
  2. Your organs will still be put to good use
  3. Choose what organs you want donated
  4. You can be a cadaver
  1. Interesting Facts
  1. Your organs will only be donated to a person living in your state
  1. If you register in Louisiana, but die in Missouri, you will be sent to Louisiana
  1. Whoever receives your organs will be able to know your name
  1. Patients able to contact the next of kin
  1. You will receive a donor ID bracelet
  1. Useful in emergencies
  1. Conclusion
  1. Organ donation is one of the growing trends
  2. Cases of rejection are rare
  3. Many people are dependent upon it
  4. Put yourself in their shoes…think about it



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