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Othello Essay

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The play "Othello" by William Shakespeare is about a Moorish General who is betrayed by the ones who he believes to be closest to him. Shakespeare incorporates a lot of language into "Othello" that has a huge role in the decisions of characters and how certain characters make decisions.

In the beginning of the play you learn about how Desdemona, Othello's wife, overhears conversations between Othello and her father, Brabantio, and subsequently falls in love with him before even setting eyes on him. The ear plays a very big role in this play because most of the play is "played" by ear. Everything that happens basically happens because the character heard, or said something the other perceived to be false or had some greater meaning. Visual and physical proof only adds the "icing on the cake" for Desdemonas love and Othello to believe solely what his evil ensign has to say.

Iago, Othello's evil ensign is angry at him because he wasn't promoted, so he plots to ruin Othello's life. Iago is the supreme instigator in "Othello", Iago is liken to a bird that goes around whispering ideas into people's heads, but never anything solid or permanent so he cannot be blamed for tragic events. Iago controls the characters in the play like a master chess player using each pawn to his own advantage, all the while, each of them think he is their best friend. Othello is Iago's main target, what Iago says makes Othello believe that he is a dear friend and is looking out for Othello's best interests.

The methods that Iago uses to motivate his plan are shock tactics, eavesdropping, and intense personal conversation between each character especially Othello. That is where the ear has an important role, because the ear is where we accept our audible knowledge.

In the first scene Iago entices Roderigo to go and wake up Brabantio, who is at that point Othello's, future wifes, father, and yells to him that thieves have come to his house in the night. Iago orders Brabantio to check his house and daughter, and his belongings as if something terribly wrong has occurred. And then explains to him that she has run off with the Moorish general, shocking Brabantio in the middle of the night. That is the first scene where Iago begins to degrade Othello, acting there on his moral and professional standings with the Venetians.

Iago eventually begins to mention to Othello in small talk about how whimsical Venetian women are and how loose they can be,



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