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Osiris and Iris

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Narration: Long time ago, long before the days of Pharaohs, Gods and Goddesses of Egypt, there was only Nuu, and from Nuu came Re, the sun. He created all forms, and from his thought came Shu and Tefenet, the Upper and Lower air. From them, came Qeb and Nut, the Earth and Sky. From the eye of Re, came the first man and woman. And from Qeb, the father, and Nut, the mother, Osiris was born.

A voice, then, came into the world:

“Behold, the lord of all things is born!”

Narration: After Osiris was born, out comes Isis, his sister. Afterwards, Thout, the wise one was born. Then, there was Nephthys, and last, was Seth.

As they grew older, Osiris and Iris loved each other as husband and wife, and together they reigned over the land. While, they were peacefully ruling, Thout was with them and taught men the arts of writing, and Seth and Nephthys went off to get married and lived in Seth’s abode in the desert.

(Scene end)

(Open scene to seth)

Narration: Seth, in his desert, was furious at Osiris, for every green things growing everywhere reminded of him – vine and grain, and the flowers.

Seth: How dare he boast all of these things to me. Acting like he owns the world. I’ll take what’s mine, he’ll see.

Narration: Seth came up of a plan; he took the measurement of Osiris’ body from the movement of his shadow, and had made a chest that was the exact size of him.

Soon, Seth held a feast, and invited all of the children of the earth and sky. At the banquet, came all of his siblings: Thout, the wise one, Nephthys, his wife, as well as Isis and Osiris, and lastly, he, himself. From where they are seated, they could see the chest Seth had made – a chest that smelled of fragrant and diversified woods. Everyone was astounded at how beautiful the chest is.

1: “oh my, what a beautiful chest that is”

2: “ indeed, it looks magnificent”

(people murmuring in the background)

Narration: While people are murmuring about the chest, Seth spoke.

Seth: I can see everyone is pleased upon seeing the chest. Hence, I invite everyone to come join this little game I prepared.

Everyone started to gather around the chest

Seth: I will give this chest to whoever’s body is fitted most closely to it.

Narration: One by one, they all tried and laid themselves in the chest, the children of Qeb and Nut also went and laid themselves in it: Seth, went and laid himself, then, comes Nephtys, then Thout, then Isis tried as well. All were short; none laid that fitted closely to it.

Osiris, then, decided to take off the crown of his head and laid himself in the chest. His form filled in its length and its breadth. Isis, Nephtys and Thout, all stood above where he lay, looking down upon him and congratulating him upon coming into possession of the splendid chest Seth had made. Seth, however, was not beside them. Out of nowhere, he shouted.

Seth: Now!!

Narration: Suddenly, 72 of his attendants came inside the banqueting hall. They placed the heavy cover upon the chest; they hammered nails into it; they soldered it all over with melted lead. Nor could Isis, nor Thout, nor Nephthys could break into the barrier of his attendants had made around



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