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Organizing Skills

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Organizational skills start with one's learning process. In organizational learning, an individual does something, reflects on the actions and consequences, and these actions influence the next step, and so on. Organizational learning occurs when we do this collectively with other people or other employees. Organization learning deals with the different positions in a business and how they are arranged. Businesses often use an organization chart to illustrate the various positions or departments in hierarchical order. Among these positions are the Human Resource Management and technology resources.

People are an organization's most valuable resources. Employees working together effectively help to achieve an organization's goals. This is why the Human Resource Management level is extremely valuable in an organization. The Human Resource Management deals with issues concerning people on the job. With the vast changes in technology, organizations are competing for valuable, rare, organized, and knowledgeable individuals who will be beneficial to the continued success of the business. The term 'human capital' is used to describe the strategic value of employee skills and knowledge. Human Resource Managers are involved in many day-to-day issues concerning employees and personnel circumstances. Balancing these issues can become very difficult with so many different situations at hand. Meeting the staffing needs and goals of an organization requires careful and strategic planning.

There are three stages in the Human Resource planning process - planning, programming, and evaluating. In planning, Human Resource Managers must be familiar with the business plans and future goals in order to recruit the proper number of employees necessary and the proper qualified individuals needed to perform the necessary duties to complete the job. In programming, the Human Resource Manager conducts researches in various areas, such as training, recruiting and layoffs, to determine the proper procedure necessary to meet the staffing needs. Then, the entire process is evaluated to make sure the results are favorable to the organization's business goals.

Our company has been in business for over 30 years so the Human Resource Planning process has been established for quite some time. Our Human Resource Manager is very familiar with the business goals and recruits accordingly. Since we have been in existence for so long, managers in various warehouses know exactly how many employees are necessary to operate effectively. Even with the company's many years of existence, the Human Resource Manager conducts various researches to ensure that our company is employing qualified employees that can perform the job effectively and efficiently.

Another important function in Human Resource Management is staffing. Staffing involves finding, evaluating and establishing a working relationship with possible employee prospects. There are three processes related to staffing - recruitment, selection, and outplacement.

The recruiting process can be internally or externally. The advantage of internal recruiting is employers are familiar with their employees and their skills. Employers should know which employees would perform effectively. Internal recruiting also allows employees an opportunity for promotion. On the other hand, hiring external can limit the process of hiring someone who is more qualified than an internal employee. Hiring from the outside may bring in new ideas that may benefit the organization and its future.

In my organization, new jobs are advertised internally first, and if there are no applicants or qualified individuals, the job is posted externally. Sometimes we hire through employment firms if it is for a temporary job or if we are having a problem finding a qualified individual.

There are many steps involved in the selection process in my organization. The first step is accepting applications and resumes. Then the managers and Human Resource manager screen the application and pick the top five qualified individuals. The next step is the interviewing process, which is usually the most important process. This is an important step because managers have to be careful



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